Reimagining the way goods are delivered through technology.

A simple, elegant app to post hauling jobs and access a fleet of independent drivers.

How Drivers

  • Flexibility
  • Work on their own schedule
  • Payout by the job
  • Bonuses and Incentives

How Shippers

  • Faster Turnaround
  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Convenience

Who We Are

Open Road is a technology-first logistics company focused on creating a simple, easy-to-use interface connecting shippers and drivers. Our app helps businesses create jobs for various shipping requirements, and allows drivers to easily find and schedule the jobs that best fit their truck and/or trailer. 

The model utilizes the most widely available shipping resource in the United States—the pickup truck—in areas of high demand. Using a fleet of independent drivers, our platform ensures scheduling demands are met, employees can complete projects with fewer delays, and businesses maximize profitability. 

When timing is everything, you can count on Open Road.

Service Area

Currently serving the Southwest, with plans to expand nationally in 2024.

Industries Served

Oil & Gas
Arts & Entertainment


By harnessing the power of 160,000,000 trucks and an independent workforce, we’re the only app positioned to solve the B2B mid-mile trucking dilemma.

  • A critical & timely supply chain solution
  • A simple and intuitive revenue model
  • No direct competitors

Interested in joining our fast-growing company? We’re currently raising funds for expansion.

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© Open Road. All rights reserved.

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