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We believe one of the biggest misallocations of capital and capability in the USA is the untapped power of the light truck consumer fleet. With over 160 million trucks registered in the USA alone, this potential workforce can disrupt the shipping industry forever and change how things are moved across the country. Through our sustainable shipping model, Open Road will:

  • Offer a uniquely timing-focused shipping solution
  • Create numerous freelance jobs
  • Save companies from financially-draining delays
  • Give shippers and drivers flexible options
  • Grow and scale sustainably
  • Thrive even in a contracting economy

The Problem

In 2022, 45% of small businesses reported domestic supplier delays, and large businesses across sectors cut production forecasts for 2023 due to shipping and supply issues.

25 - 300 MILE RANGE

The local less than truck load supply chain is broken.

Semi-trucks doing less than truckload (LTL) are not efficient and often difficult to schedule. LTL is not their sweet spot, and thus it is consistently sidelined and delayed.

The growth in LTL shipping is putting a strain on the system. It will cause an estimated shortfall of 168,000 truck drivers by 2028.

There is a major logistics problem shipping to rural towns across America, especially those that aren’t located on major highways—causing costly delays to small and mid-size businesses.

There is no national shipping marketplace and the current brokerage model favors the shipper over the driver.

Percentage of Sectors That Experienced Domestic Supply Chain Delays in 2022
National Average = 45.4%



Retail Trade








Wholesale Trade




Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction


Health Care & Social Assistance


Administrative & Waste


Transportation & Warehousing


Arts & Entertainment




Real Estate


Scientific & Technical


Educational Services


The Solution

Open Road Shipping! We solve the problem in a simple, elegant way—an app that connects shippers with freelance drivers.

Open Road allows SMB Companies & Enterprise Distributors to post simple pick up/drop off delivery jobs that exceed small parcel capacity, but are often the last consideration for LHT—specifically LTL (less than truckload).

Drivers—think F150s with simple trailers—can pick up these jobs and ensure that products are delivered same-day, or within delivery timeline requirements.


With over 16 million F-150's on the road there are 725% more F-150 trucks than semi trucks available to move shipments

Why Now?

Highway diesel prices were up 38% year-over-year on average in 2022, and are expected to stay much higher than gasoline for the foreseeable future.

Many people are predicting a recession in 2023 and will cause many truck owners to look for an additional source of income.

How Are Supply Chains Impacting Small Businesses?
Percentage of small businesses citing supply chain disruptions and inflation concerns, as of January 2022

Supply chain disruptions have had a notable impact on their business


See inflation as the most important problem


Market Data

The LTL market size continues to grow with an estimated increase of more than 100 billion in the next 5 years.

Less Than Truck Load
Market Size Outlook (USD Billion)












2017: USD 192.23


Year-over-Year growth rate of 2023


CAGR 2022-2027


Growth Momentum

103.05 Bn

Market size growth from 2022-2027


This is the beauty of Open Road. There is no direct competitor, and we are the first to market with a product like this.

  • Current solutions and competitors all fall short
  • Semi trucks doing LTL are not efficient, and are often difficult to schedule. LTL is not their sweet spot, and thus is consistently sidelined.
  • Independent shippers and hotshots have limited resources and can’t compete with the size and flexibility of our fleet.
  • Other technology apps are focused on B2C, while we serve the B2B market.

The Product


The Open Road app features technology that is quick to deploy and easy to use. Post a shipment and pay once your parcel has been picked up. Businesses use the platform at their convenience.


Once onboarded, freelance drivers can quickly find jobs and make money in a day's work—avoiding the long hours and miles of the LHT industry.

Revenue Model

It’s simple and straightforward—We take a 15% commission on each transaction.

Year 1


100 Trucks

5 shipments per week


Average Fee

$450 per shipment


Projected Revenue

Year 1

Year 2


400 Trucks

4 shipments per week


Average Fee

$450 per shipment


Projected Revenue

Year 2

Year 3


1500 Trucks

3 shipments per week


Average Fee

$450 per shipment


Projected Revenue

Year 3

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